//99 problems

and society's one

All These Expectations

As a young woman growing up in the twenty first century, I have first hand experience on the pressures put on teens in society. The pressure to look and act a certain way has become an obsession. Young men and women starving and mutilating themselves to fit in.

As women, we are told to dress with class.
But don’t be too modest, show some skin, you prude.
Act like a lady, but don’t be too up tight, you bitch.
Don’t be promiscuous, you slut.
But you still should sleep with him, you tease.
Farting? Don’t be stupid, women don’t do that.
Haven’t done your hair today? That’s disgusting.
Cranky because your hormones are going crazy, you’ve got cramps, you’re bleeding from somewhere no one should ever bleed and you’re still expected to go about your daily activities? Suck it up, you whiner.
Pimples? Gross, go get some proactive.

It is societies expectation of me to paint my canvas face. God forbid there are any imperfections. Go for a job interview and don’t paint your face and draw on your eyes? Don’t expect to get a call from that employer.

Think about why it is socially acceptable for Mila to look like this,


but not like this?


2 notes   -  1 March, 2014